Essential Oil Study


We are currently working on some EXCITING changes to our essential oil study to serve you better! Check back early Fall 2019 & be sure touch base with the person that invited you to our essential oil study!  If you’re not sure who invited you to the study & need more help. Please get in touch here.

Our Essential Oil Studies




What does it cost to be a participant?
For a limited time, our Essential Oil Studies are free to our participants.

I already use Essential Oils, can I participate?
If you’ve never tried doTERRA Essential Oils, you can participate in our study.

I’ve already tried doTERRA Essential Oils, can I still be a participant?
If you’re currently working or have worked with a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, then this study isn’t for you.  We are looking for participants who aren’t working with a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

I already have a doTERRA account, can I participate?
Although we appreciate the large involvement in doTERRA Essential Oils, if you already have a doTERRA account, you cannot participate in an Essential Oil Study.

What kinds of ailments do the Studies test?
We’ve tested dozens of different ailments.  The Studies we involve the general public in are focused on categories of ailments.  Currently we are testing Digestion, Pain, Stress, Mood and Sleep.

How long does the Study last?
Most of our Studies run between 5 – 9 days depending on the ailment.

If I’m approved for the Study, how will I receive the products for the Study?
After approval and attending our mandatory Online Study Orientation, your Study Package will be sent to your USPS mailbox. If

I’m approved, what are my responsibilities in the Study?
You have 4 main responsibilities.

  1.  Attend an Online Study Orientation
  2. Participate in our Education Forum located on Facebook
  3. Communicate with your Essential Oil Educator throughout the Study
  4. Attend the Survey Class at the end of the study to provide your results and receive your participant “Thank You” gift.

Will I have an opportunity to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils as part of this Study?
Yes!  This is a win/win for everyone involved.  Our objective is to gather data to support essential oil protocols.  In return, we provide below wholesale prices to our Study Participants as part of our “Thank You” gift.

Will I be instructed on how to use the Study Package?
Yes!  The best part of the this process is education.  Not only do we test the efficacy of doTERRA Essential Oils but we also test our efficiency in educating thousands of people.  In this process, Study Participants are taught essential oil usage by industry leaders.

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