THW_Coaching“I don’t play half way!”

Heather was born driven and business is in her blood!  Heather has taken her never give up and always finish the goal attitude into all of her businesses.  Heather, the Living Room CEO, has a passion for helping others see the power in having a home-based business. Heather has coached hundreds of individuals to reach their goals in business. She knows the importance of building a family friendly business because she lives that life of balance every day.

As a business coach, Heather helps business owners create successful systems in their current business and supports women in starting a new work from home business. She loves helping them gain financial freedom and help them reclaim their time. Heather believes in the power of mothers in the home. She also believes many women are being inspired and called to bigger missions.

Heather has been married to her husband Aaron for 16 years and loves being best friends with him. Being very opposite, they balance each other out at an extreme high level. They love traveling together and enjoy balancing multiple businesses together. Heather is a mom to 6 amazing kids. YES, they were all planned and Heather loves the memories they are creating. The Wade children have caught the entrepreneurial spirit, and own and operate their own business as well.

Heather has 13 years of experience in real estate investment and property management, over 16 years of experience in Property and Casualty Insurance, over 7 years of experience in direct sales with a team of 600+ individuals and has earned several company incentive trips and sales promotions.   She was also the top sales person in a medical supply company. Heather has been with doTERRA since February 2015 and was celebrated as a Diamond level leader at the 2016 doTERRA Convention.