It takes Skills to succeed in business…


I have been coaching women in business for the last 8 years. I’ve worked with all different business models from Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Blogging, E-commerce, Expert Speaker/Author/Coach, and Teachers.

Here’s what I know, there is power in a woman starting a business with the skills and desire to create something big! Why would we want anything less?

YOU are POWERFUL as a woman, mother, wife and BUSINESS ROCKSTAR. And you just need some core skills to get help the dream and reality match. You have passion. Why not turn it into PROFITS?

THW_CoachingI want to introduce you to my mentor and business guru, Amy Walker. In 2011, I met Amy and immediately knew she was someone I wanted to follow! We had the same core beliefs and I knew she would support me in creating success while honoring my role as a mother. I worked with her first as a student and fell in love with her programs. I found a new system to help me coach my team members and clients and I decided “Why Recreate the Wheel?” I am a certified coach with Amy Walker Consulting. We have programs to help you with sales, marketing, business systems, balancing business and family and leadership.