Essential Oil Study – Adaptiv

Our Essential Oil Studies

The Adaptiv System was designed by doTERRA to help people naturally manage their physical and emotional responses to STRESS and ANXIETY.

We are leading a small group of people through an experiment to determine if this is a product that would benefit your stress levels and anxious feelings. There is a small materials fee associated with it, but you will get to dive deep into the experience and walk away knowing what works best for YOU! 

The study is 9 days — starting on Tuesday, November 12th.

To apply:

  1. Watch the orientation below. It will give you good insight into WHO we are, WHY we do what we do, WHAT we’re doing and how the study might benefit you.
  2. After the orientation, if you feel the study is the right fit for you, please apply fill out the application form.
  3. From there, our Essential Oil Studies Coordinator will review your application to deem if you are the right fit! You will receive a message by Thursday, November 7th.
  4. Be sure to join our Facebook Group! It’s a MANDATORY step and how we will deliver all information to you!

Apply here to join the NEXT round of essential oil studies! 

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